Telling Stories In My Art

I painted this last year. Despite everyone's wonderful and uplifting compliments, I hated it. When I told close friends or my husband about my real feelings toward the painting, I was reassured that it was beautiful and that I had done a great job. But that didn't help. The fact that it was beautiful didn't... Continue Reading →


What Makes Art Useful?

I want my art to be useful. This has been plaguing me for a little over a year. Perhaps longer. Maybe the thought was always there, just resonating without words. I want my art to be useful. And is art useful when it's simply framed? When it is placed on someone's favorite wall beside a... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Funeral

For me this painting brings about a quiet sadness. Maybe even a touch of bittersweetness at the sight of those pretty pink flowers the trees are holding. And they're holding them together, as they head up the leafy green path towards the unknown. You see, on Tuesday I had to take Goo to speech, and... Continue Reading →

Back to the Basics: Drawing

So far my experience with Skillshare has been a blast! I've been learning all kinds of new watercolor techniques, even learned about the awesome that is liquid watercolor, and gained a few muses and art friends. But so far I've only been taking classes on painting. I attempted an illustration course, but got bored and... Continue Reading →

I’m on Patreon!

I never thought this day would come, honestly, but I made it a goal this year to join Patreon and so I've been working my boo-tay off to get it all together. And now I'm finally there and ready to share it with you! Click here to head right on over to my Patreon! For... Continue Reading →

#Limitless Project Week One

A little over a week ago, I wrote about my New Year's Resolution of not limiting myself in 2019. This "freedom" mentality led to my newest 365 project, #limitless. Every day I have decided to just go with my flow. Whether I wanted to paint with watercolors, or even just sketch all day with a... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cards!

I've been in a pattern/design mood lately. It started with the Khadi handmade paper I've been playing with, followed by the fall patterns for this month's Twitter "draw post,"and it only escalated from there. Soon I was painting whatever came to mind. I experimented with colors melding into one another. I practiced creating texture with... Continue Reading →

New Shop Open on my Website!

After a few months of pondering, I've finally decided to start selling directly from my website. I'll still be keeping my Etsy shop open, but I will be adding my newer, more updated pieces on my personal website. I feel like a real "professional" now! In case you're wondering, the Gouache Ghost Sale will be... Continue Reading →

Gouache Ghost Sale!

Since it's the most wonderful time of the year, I decided to do a little extra with my sales for the month of October. So, for every painting--original or print--purchased on my Etsy shop, buyers will receive a FREE 4x4 gouache ghost! Because of how I paint these, each one is unique from the other,... Continue Reading →

Inktober is Here!

I don't know if I'm more excited that it's Halloween Month, or that it's Inktober! For those of you who don't know, Inktober is a challenge thought up by Jake Parker. The goal is simple: draw something every day for the 31 days of October. Click this link for more info. Not sure what to... Continue Reading →

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