Sea Foam

With the “Life’s a Beach” themed gallery show coming up, I’ve been watching a lot of Maria Raczynska videos on YouTube. She’s a pro at painting the sea, and her videos have been inspiring me to give my own sea paintings a try.

For this particular painting, I printed out a photo I took in Daytona Beach, FL five or so years ago. I wasn’t planning on replicating the greenish color. I more or less wanted a good example of the patterns made from the crashing waves. The foam that seems to spider across for miles in the shallow parts of the sea.

I had a lot of fun mixing up colors to get pretty sea greens and turquoise to get my background sea color, and then I used white gouache for the patterns. Despite their daunting appearance, I found painting the white “foamy” parts to be super relaxing, and as long as I took my time, there was no real threat of an irreversible mistake. Because of the meditative-ness of the piece, I’ve decided to make a few larger sea foam paintings that could take months to finish.

Materials Used

-Daniel Smith watercolors (indigo, ochre, and prussian blue)

-Brea Reese watercolor ink (ultramarine, lake blue)

-Winsor & Newton Designer’s Gouache (white)

-Arches cold press paper 140lb 9×12

-Princeton synthetic sable brushes

I was hoping to get a video of this piece in the making, but it wound up taking much longer than expected (a week!) and so I decided to just focus on getting the piece finished for the show, which allowed me to take it places like the park and birthday parties.

This piece is currently for sale, and can be transported after the show. If you are interested feel free to send me an email!

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All images © Lina Forrester

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