Autumn Porchfest 2019

Yesterday was the autumn 2019 Porchfest, a festival in which homeowners donate their porch for an afternoon to painters, musicians, sculptors, and more. The weather was classic autumn, too, dark clouds and chilly wind, the occasional sprinkle of rain. Aside from this cold I’ve been fighting, I was in heaven!

My own area was in the shade of a large oak, within feet of an area where kids could color with crayons, do chalk on the road, and build with giant blocks. It was a great place for me to set up, as it gave Goo something to do while I laid out prints and got my art supplies out.

I was to demo live for passersby, and so I made sure to bring my Bombay inks, Brea Reese watercolor inks, and my tube paint. Oh and salt. I can never have enough salt on me when painting. The night before, I’d stretched out several pieces of paper of various sizes, and so I made sure to bring the three large boards. My plan was to paint several pieces at once, as watching paint/ink dry between layers is never fun.

One thing I hope to do differently next time is to make sure I have prints, or at least a portfolio showcasing all of the pieces I have hanging elsewhere. I currently have a combined 40 pieces at the gallery and at the local conservation center, and I would have loved to share those with those who stopped by my little area to say hello.

Still, I received compliments and got to chat art, got to give tips to those who wanted to try something similar, and even sold a few prints! Overall I call it a successful day.

I worked on five paintings during the festivities, three of which are either still “in-progress” or on their way to becoming scrap paper (it began to rain at the end, which sort of soggied up some of my work). But two of my pieces were a success, and I’d love to share them with you.

This one I’ve decided to call Winter Birds. It was my attempt at showcasing the kind of work hanging at the local gallery and at Runge. I decided to use mostly tube paint for this one, as well as my Woodlands palette by Prima, and what I learned is that I love this color scheme. The blues from my Woodlands palette seem to go hand-in-hand with Rare Green Earth and Indigo by Daniel Smith.

I personally see a landscape set in mid-winter, when things are still and dormant, the wind is bitterly cold, and the very clouds above seem to freeze in place. And the Juncos, flying from trees to come to my back deck, where they pick at seeds in the snow, sharing with squirrels and other creatures that dare to brave the cold.

If you’d like to purchase Winter Birds, click here.

This one is still untitled, but I am thinking of calling it “Parallels” or “The Upside Down.” As this one came together, I began to think of parallel universes, or even the supernatural realm. Is it possible that there are multiple worlds? And that when we die we simply continue on with a different, yet somehow similar life?

My point is, this one makes me think, and I hope it makes you think too!

If you’d like to purchase this piece, click here.

For those of you who might remember, our last Porchfest was held in May, not even a week before a tornado carved a path of destruction from one end of our city to the other, and the beloved street we had Porchfest on was in ruin. So this event was not just a fun place to gather and share our love of art, but was also a bittersweet reminder to ourselves that joy, celebration, and community will persist longer than the storm.

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