Process Video: Cerulean Sea

You might remember a month or so ago, when I was prepping for the “Life’s a Beach” show at the local gallery, and I painted a piece I named “Sea Foam.” While I was working on it, I knew I had to give it a much larger, “sister” painting. Not long after the beachy-themed show began, I picked up a large sheet of Arches paper from the hobby store and headed home to get it prepped.

The sheet was 20×30 (I believe) which I felt was too big–I’m used to going no larger than 11×14–so I cut it in half and got a perfect size at around 15×20.

I used my Dr. Ph. Martin’s turquoise ink, as well as several of my Daniel Smith blues to get the background color. After a few days of drying, I started in with the white gouache. I used M. Graham titanium white, which is my favorite white. It dries the most opaque of all my gouache whites, even if watered down. It’s wonderful!

This piece took me a month or two to finish, and I’m DEFINITELY going to make more pieces like it. Not necessarily the sea foam design, but perhaps eerie forests, electricity, and even ghosts!

But I can sit here and write about it all day. I think it would be more fun if you watched the process instead!

This piece was entered in the Missouri Top 50 for the state fair. I’m super nervous (and excited) and can’t wait to find out if it made it in. Wish me luck!

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All images ©Lina Forrester

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