Mini Books!

I watched a zine tutorial recently and learned how to fold a single sheet of paper into a book. Since then, I’ve been hooked on folding up hot press paper into mini books and painting in them! They are a great way to experiment throughout the day, and I end up with a cute collection once the book is complete.

I’ve recently bound a small book for my mom, which will be filled with eerie houses (with attics!) and I hope to bind more in the future, complete with book cloth covers and blank pages here and there so fellow artists can purchase them from my Etsy and add their own little paintings/drawings.

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I also plan to experiment with other types of paper, as cotton hot press tends to get worn very quickly, and my first book is already on its way to falling apart. It’s too bad, because I love the feel and look of cotton hot press. A few more experiments might lead to a solution, however, like giving the books a hard cover and/or using gouache to help “seal” the paper.

Either way, these are a great pastime for me! And I am probably going to have dozens by the end of the year.

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5 thoughts on “Mini Books!

  1. Very cool. What a beautiful gift for your mother. I also got hooked on making books, but mine are made from recycled tea bags which have proved to be freakishly durable once painted with acrylic.


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