About Me


Artist Statement:

Working primarily with watercolor, gouache, and ink, I love to explore natural patterns, artistic experiments, and playful methods. About 90% of my work is improvised, which I feel makes it more personal, as I tend to let my emotions drive my brush rather than a pencil sketch. My aim is to provide semi-abstract, storytelling pieces reminiscent of the way I felt at the moment of a painting, while also adding a figurative element of something found in nature. This might be a tree, the roots of a meadow, or even a cave. This, I hope, will not only give my audience something to explore with their eyes, but also with their thoughts and feelings, allowing them to sense the eons of history the natural world has seen, and the deep emotional roots we are all a part of.


I was born in 1987 on an American Air Force base in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain. For the first three years of my life, my family traveled to various places in both the US and Spain before we finally settled in Missouri. Growing up, I dabbled in all forms of art, from music to painting to drawing and photography. I attended Columbia College in Missouri, where I earned a BA in Psychology with a minor in both writing and English. Despite my many aspirations, and my full-time job as a preschool teacher, I still found time to paint and draw, two things that have always brought me comfort. It wasn’t until my late 20s, early 30s, that I really began to share my art with the world. After that, I had no problem jumping whole-heartedly into an art career. I took online classes, taught myself watercolors before studying further into inks and gouache. And during that time, I began to immerse myself in the local art community, appearing in shows and entering that whole gallery scene, which I adore.