Inktober so Far & Some Hidden Optimism

It’s only day 3 of Inktober, but I’m already having a ton of fun. Not only that but it’s finally starting to feel like fall outside. It’s been nothing but 90 degrees and humid for the past month, which has been pretty lame. But now it’s a crisp 60 degrees, dark and cloudy and super moody and I’m in the mood to just curl up with hot drinks and creepy movies and candles.

But first let’s chat art!

So day one of Inktober required a page of thumbnails before I decided what I was going to draw/paint. My goal is to use all ink for these pieces, whether it’s through pen or in liquid form or even gel pens for the white. So far I have been keeping to that goal and no watercolor has been added.

What I’ve noticed about the ink vs. the watercolor is ink dries bold. It doesn’t dry lighter like watercolor, so I have to remind myself to tone it down just in case. Also, it can’t be manipulated as easily as watercolor.

Watercolor, for instance, will spread magnificently and with cool patterns when you slowly add water, but ink just sort of….gets everywhere. And, unlike watercolor, ink will go places where there is no water.

But minor hurdles aside, ink is pretty fun stuff to work with! I love adding it to my calligraphy pen and drawing swirls and patterns. I’m seeing some major inner inspiration by Helen Wells.

Yesterday’s prompt was the funnest so far, as it allowed me to try an improved piece. In this case, art beget art, and I painted a larger piece in the afternoon inspired by the inktober painting.

Hidden Optimism has seen a lot of love on social media these past few days. It’s 4.5×11.5 inches and is the newest addition to my vertical panoramas. Other than its awesome boldness, I love the texture of it. I painted it on hot press paper, and used my paint dryer when I began to get a bit impatient, and I noticed it was causing the ink to actually bubble. So I let it. There are areas on the piece in which the ink bubbled and dried and so not only is this piece to look at, it’s also fun to feel.

Since its debut last night, I’ve added Hidden Optimism to my Etsy, and I hope to have it sold soon. This piece is included in the free US shipping category and all Patrons get an extra 10% off.

Special note: shortly after this blog was written, Hidden Optimism was sold. Thanks so much to the buyer!

Also don’t forget I’m hosting a giveaway this month on Twitter! Head here to find out what that’s all about.

Have a good autumn-y kinda day!


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