I’m on Patreon!

I never thought this day would come, honestly, but I made it a goal this year to join Patreon and so I’ve been working my boo-tay off to get it all together. And now I’m finally there and ready to share it with you!

Click here to head right on over to my Patreon!

For those of you who don’t know, Patreon is a website for artists that allows them to make a consistent living each month. It can be pretty sporadic for artists. Some months go by where I don’t make a single sale, and then another month will be loaded with them (Christmas, anyone?). Patreon allows me to get paid consistently, so I don’t have to wait to buy the Payne’s Gray I’m out of, or decide against my hot press because I just don’t have the money.

How do you become a Patron?

It’s easy! Just check out the artist’s tiers and their benefits. The higher the tier, the better the benefits. You are basically buying a “subscription” that supports the artist, and get cool rewards in return, like handwritten postcards, discounts on Etsy, and free originals. My high tier patrons even get access to a monthly tutorial and live feeds.

Here are my benefits for each tier:

Hazel Hedgehogs

For 1$ a month you get…

  • Access to my exclusive videos: Videos will show my process, techniques, and/or behind the scenes content such as works-in-progress and projects in the making.
  • Access to my Patreon lens stories
  • 10% off my Etsy shop: receive an exclusive code each month that will give them 10% off any order in my Etsy shop!

Fiery Fawns

For 5$ a month you get…

  • All of the Hedgehog benefits


  • Receive an exclusive handwritten postcard each month. The art printed on these postcards will change monthly, and won’t be available anywhere else!

Ocher Orioles

For 10$ a month you get…
  • All of the Hedgehog and Fawn benefits


  • Choose a print for free: choose any print available on my Etsy and I will ship it to you for free!
  • Occasional “Surprise in the mail, such as prints, cards, or a hand-written thank you note.

Blue Bears

For 15$ a month you get…

  • All of the Hedgehog, Fawn, and Oriole benefits


  • Free US shipping on my Etsy (receive a monthly code)
  • Access to a live drawing/painting session each month

Beige Bunnies

For 20$ a month you get…

  • All of the Hedgehog, Fawn, Oriole, and Bear benefits


  • A 5×7 original: receive an original painting/drawing in the mail each month. These pieces will be unique from one person to the next, could be done in any medium, and be of any subject, in order to keep you surprised!
  • Access to an exclusive monthly video tutorial/class, where I show how to achieve a certain technique.

What does your support allow me to accomplish for 2019?

I have a lot of big plans in mind for 2019!

Watercolor classes: I’ve been asked to do watercolor classes for the community. Your support allows me to buy the supplies needed so I can provide them to my students.

Kids camp: I’d like to host an Art Kids Camp in the summer. Your support allows me to make it affordable enough for the parents so that their kids can participate and learn the fun of art.

Better quality videos: I have some basic tools for process videos (microphone, tripod, etc) but your support would allow me to buy better tools for better quality videos that you can enjoy!

Supplies…Supplies…Supplies: A lot of my supplies are pretty pricey, like Daniel Smith watercolors and cotton paper, printer ink and paper for prints, paintbrushes.

I also use my artist income to pay for important things, like food and shelter.

If you’d like to learn more, head on over to my Patreon and watch the welcome video. There, I talk to you about what my plans are for 2019, and share how much I appreciate all of you!

If you can’t afford to be my patron, don’t sweat it. I still appreciate you for being here, for reading my blogs, for clicking “like” on my paintings, for following me on Instagram. Your emotional support keeps me going too!

Thank you friends, for all that you do!


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