#Limitless Project Week One

A little over a week ago, I wrote about my New Year’s Resolution of not limiting myself in 2019. This “freedom” mentality led to my newest 365 project, #limitless.

Every day I have decided to just go with my flow. Whether I wanted to paint with watercolors, or even just sketch all day with a pencil, I wouldn’t hold myself back with nagging, existential questions. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to start giving myself monthly themes, as I’m not sure if it’s counter-intuitive to the whole idea. But I’m definitely open to giving it a try at least once.

Now that the first week of this project is complete, I think I can safely say that I’m going to learn a ton this year. Not necessarily in skill–though I do plan to learn some new skills!–but in letting myself go, and just being the artist my heart wants me to be.

On New Years Day, I spent my afternoon swishing paint around to create sea creatures. Since then I’ve been very interested in doing some larger pieces revolving around these abstract fishies. 2018 Lina would say “but are you a fish artist?” and 2019 Lina says “suck it.”

Day 2 of #limitless: a new concept for a larger piece

On Day 3 I decided to start a color journal, something I learned from a Skillshare class by Claire Picard. Since then I’ve filled it with color schemes I like and/or would like to try in a painting.

Day 4

On Day 5 I gave myself the project of painting a color wheel with my basic primary colors. Because it’s well overdue. I also did a color wheel with ochre and prussian blue, and a color wheel with my Winsor & Newton designers gouache.

Day 6

Day 7 was a gorgeous day for winter. 60 degrees and big white puffy clouds in the sky. I took Goo and Howl to the park, packing all of my paint stuff in the hopes to paint my brains out once we’d finished our picnic. Instead of reaching for my paints, however, I reached for my charcoal pencils. And I had no shame! This is what #limitless is all about.

I don’t plan on doing a weekly post for this challenge, rather a monthly blog post that will touch up on things I learned, things I could improve upon, et cetera. In the next few weeks I’d like to try a new medium or two, maybe even play around with my cameras or develop some film!

Anything goes.

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