Artist Tools: “Woodlands” by Prima Watercolor Confections

My most recent “care package” from my mom

Every so often, I receive a surprise package from my mom filled with art supplies. I’ve begun to call these “care packages” because that’s basically what they are. They’re boxes filled with happiness. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be as far as I am today in my art career if she hasn’t been helping keep me stocked up.

Anyway, the most recent care package came a week or so ago and inside of it was something I’ve been wanting since I first saw it promoted on Instagram: the “Woodlands” palette by Prima Watercolor Confections. I was ecstatic to give “Deep Moss” a try. Little did I know, I’d find several new favorites! I haven’t returned to my regular palette since.

Part of the appeal–for me at least–of the Watercolor Confections palettes are their cute size and colorful packaging. I also love the names and how each box of half pans has its own “theme.” This theme, Woodlands, contains colors like Bear, Fox Berry, and Red Wood, to not only give me some great colors for my nature paintings, but also to spark some new ideas.

Just look at those Earthy tones!

After admiring the initial colors–and after thanking my mom a thousand more times–I got to work on the color grid. I love doing new grids because I never quite know what to expect until I paint the mixed color on the page. With this palette, I found some really beautiful mixtures, and I jotted down a few of my favorites:

Foxberry + Shadow makes a reddish wine color that I’ve named “Redbud.”

Foxberry + Pond makes a delicate purple I deemed “Phlox.”

Shadow + Deep Moss makes a green very similar to the color of my husband’s eyes.

Shadow + Stream makes a grayish blue that I call “frozen lake.”

Sand Ridge + Daylight makes a nice pale yellow.

Sand Ridge + Redwood makes a great clay color.

Redwood + Mist makes a deep brown, perfect for mud.

Mist + Bear makes a bluish gray that I named “River Fog.”

I’ve since had lots of time to work with this palette, and it’s become my go-to for all of my personal projects. Here are a few of my recent additions to my project 365. As you can see, this palette is great for foggy scenes!

What’s your favorite watercolor palette? Have you tried any of the Watercolor Confections palettes? Let’s chat paint below!

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