Me and my Baby Canonet in Chicago January 2012

This is a relatively new blog–definitely not my first–and so a lot of my newer readers might not know that I also love photography. However, unlike my art, photography is just a hobby for me. I’ve sold a few photos here and there, but I haven’t had much desire to start a business in portrait photography or something similar.

I’m not going to go into my whole “life story” with photography. I think, more or less, I just want to share with you some of my favorite photos taken over the years. I’ve used both film and digital, and have used many different cameras and films. My favorite camera in my collection is the Rolleiflex, passed down from my great-granddad, to my granddad, and now to me. They also passed down a gorgeous Leica M3 and a few other beauties. Finally, I can’t go on without mentioning my Baby Canonet, with which I’ve had a deep bond with since receiving it as a gift from my husband for Xmas 2011.

Tall Ship Windy in Chicago. Taken from Navy Pier with my Canon EOS Rebel on color film
Goo in her tutu. Taken with my Baby Canonet on Ilford (HP5 or FP4)

A few of my favorite techniques:

  • Freelensing: when using my Nikon D5300 or my Pentax K1000, I like to detach the lens and focus that way instead of manual/auto focusing.
  • Caffenol: Developing black and white film with coffee
  • Finding a single white flower/leaf nestled in a dark place and exposing just for that one little flower.
  • Waiting for my family to not notice I have a camera, then start shooting.
  • Double or triple exposures of my kid as she plays to get a “ghost” effect.
  • Adding textures I’ve made with acrylic on canvas.
Freelensed with one of my Nikons and my broken 40mm lens
Double, possible triple exposure, of my daughter twirling in her dress. Added my acrylic texture.
Freelensed with my Nikon D5300 and my 50mm lens

A few of my favorite things to shoot:

  • Delicate natural things (soft flowers, dead flowers, overlooked foliage)
  • Sunlight
  • Textures/Natural Patterns
  • My family
  • Shadows
Goo in her ballet attire. Taken with Digital
Husband in his Polaroid shirt at Cedar Point. Taken with my Rolleiflex on Ilford FP4
Sailboat in the rain. Taken with my Rolleiflex on Ilford FP4

Many see photography as a way to document history, or to share current events. Others see it as a way to showcase the beauty in the world. And then there are those who shoot for commercial purposes, or take photos for families.

For me, photography is all of these things, but my own reasons to shoot are pretty basic. I simply love holding a camera, hearing the click as I press the shutter button. I have nearly a dozen rolls of undeveloped film, as the fun part is over for me. The thrill for me is just tinkering, observing, and trying new things. Right now my “new thing” is the Lomography Lady Grey film I loaded in the Leica and my Baby Canonet. Despite my thrill being mostly in the clicking and winding, I honestly can’t wait to see what I come up with this time!

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