The Ghost Series

“Ghost” Watercolor & Gouache on Hot Press

I recently had a conversation with a fellow artist on Twitter about adding gouache to watercolor paintings. Honestly, I’d tried to avoid the own subject in my mind because the whole idea of adding another medium to an already established medium seemed complicated. What colors would I use? Why? What could gouache give me that watercolor couldn’t? This particular artist said he would use white gouache to add highlights, and that made so much sense! I suddenly had a flood of ideas, but one in particular kept pestering me:

What if I added white gouache to Payne’s Grey watercolor, and let the white drip down to make a ghost? I imagined the gouache flowing, trickling down the deep blue-gray shade, giving my ghost eerie tendrils, and I couldn’t wait to give it a try!

The results were way cooler than I could have imagined.

“The Apparition” Watercolor and Gouache on Cold Press
“Three Ghosts” Watercolor and Gouache on Cold Press
“The Guide” Watercolor & Gouache on Cold Press

Each day I continued to put my ideas into my 365 Journal, and some of the ideas even made it to hot press paper. Then, as I was preparing a few pieces for my first ever gallery show, the director spotted one of my ghost paintings and asked if I might add it to the show.

So, I re-painted The Guide on hot press and entered it into the judged show.

And I got an honorable mention!

I plan on continuing my ghost series, despite its difference from my usual work–or perhaps because of its difference from my usual work–because with these paintings I don’t feel restrained by straight lines and crisp curves. With these paintings I can let go, and just follow my flow.

But don’t worry, I’m still doodling and illustrating! I only hope this expansion of my horizon will move me forward as an artist.

“Ghostly Sketches” Watercolor and Gouache on Cold Press
“The Mirror” (Work in Progress) Watercolor and Gouache on canvas

Want to see more? Check out all of the paintings from my Ghost series on my Website!

Want to buy a ghost? Two of the paintings from the Ghost series have made it to my Etsy shop, and more are on the way! Come take a look!

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