Prima Watercolor Confections: Tropicals

Looking for fresh colors, atypical from the basic reds and greens I’d been limiting myself to for so long, I discovered the joy that is Prima Watercolor Confections. They have many different sets with beautiful colors, all with unique themes such as: Decadent Pies, Odyssey, and The Classics.

The first colors to catch my eye were in the set, “Tropicals.” They seemed to have cooler undertones, and richer pinks and blues. I decided to ask for them for my birthday.

My first impression of the tin was a surprise, because it was so small. I was expecting a normal-sized tin with full pans. But I was immediately glad for the compact set, as I’m usually carrying my watercolors with me everywhere I go. So it wasn’t a disappointment, more like a pleasant surprise.

The set came with this neat reference card I could paint the colors on. It didn’t have the color names, but a simple online search gave me what I was looking for. The card has been so useful whenever I use these paints! I simply look at it to determine which color would be best. And, if I don’t see the color I’m looking for, I have a full palette that I made, which shows the wide range these colors provide.

And the colors are gorgeous. For a long time I’ve been using the cheapest watercolors I could find, and these felt like a major upgrade. They’re lovely transparent, lovely layered, and they dry very well. No chalkiness! Just beautiful textures that scream “watercolor.”

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